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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get back into the tournament scene and I would like to find a group of folks to split travel costs for big weekend tournaments in Cincy, Chicago and wherever else. It would also be grand to just hang out on occassion, throw back some beers and play some old fashioned OTB blitz. I'm 26 and rated 1700 USCF, but the offer's open to all, of course!


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Ryan Velez
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I am looking to travel more too - my friend Randas Burns also travels. I am certain we can find ways to carpool, split hotels, etc...


Every Wednesday night at "Pizza Place" we run a weekly club. Mostly it is just pick up games and mostly it is blitz; though, we regularly have matched play at g/90


If you'd like to come out this coming Wednesday to hang out let me know and I can get you more details if you like: 502-240-9325


My rating is 2200+ -- most of the people at our Wednesday night club that regularly attend are 2000+


--Ryan Velez


KCA Scholastic Coordinator

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Johnny Harlamert
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Hello ztaylor

I recommend coming up to Meijers Hurstbourne Ln on Mondays @6. You will meet not all but a good portion of active tourney players. Some of us travel and some do not, but this is a good place to get familiar with who and when.

I myself am going to attempt a few out of town ones in the next 4 months but may have to limit that soon.


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I plan on hitting the Meijer tournaments more often, but I'd like a more casual club atmosphere, so I'll check out the wednesday night stuff too, though that day is bad for me most weeks. Thanks for the replies.

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