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Lutz has Returned
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I just wanted to let everyone know that Lexington lost a good chess player and person... Matt Nelson passed away.

Matt attended Bluegrass Chess Club for several years, he attended just 2 weeks ago. He was also a regular visitor at the Perkins Club on Wed nights after midnight.  We had not seen him as much lately since he started doing marathons, but i considered him a friend.  He was very witty, with a good sense of humor. Matt also played C4 so i had to like him..

May God rest his Soul...

Donald Lutz

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Kerr Brothers Funeral Home

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Matt was one of the first adults that I came in contact with when I was just a young pup starting to attend the Bluegrass Club and playing in my first adult tournaments. I always loved to play him because I knew his commentary on the game would make me grin from ear to ear. I learned a good number of oldies by listening to Chris Bush and Matt alternate lyrics while playing blitz on Wednesday nights. As the years went by, I grew to appreciate his sharp wit even more. I also loved nothing more than to smash his Benoni set-ups, though he'd often find tactical shots that kept me in my place!

Even as we both stopped coming to club regularly, I would often spot him while we both were running through our neighborhood. I was impressed by his drive and ability to push himself to start running at his point in life. He truly was one of the primary figures that stood in my sight as I entered the realm of 'big boy' chess (not to gender-stereotype in any way).

May he rest in peace.


Taylor Bagley


Secretary of the KCA

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Ryan Velez
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I spoke to Matt on faceboojk not too long ago (about 3 weeks or so). It was mostly a brief conversation but I knew a little about him and have had many conversations over the years. I know that he was a judge and from time to time I'd ask him legal advice. He always gave it to me for free.

From my experience, he was extremely kind and funny. I wish I had the opportunity to get to know Matt better.

--Ryan Velez


KCA Scholastic Coordinator

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This is very upsetting to read about. As Don and Taylor wrote, Matt used to regularly attend the Bluegrass Chess Club most Wednesday nights, and played in many of our tournaments in Lexington. I never would have guessed he suffered from anxiety and depression.

The first time he returned to the club in a while, he soundly defeated me in a blitz game using the Queen's Indian Defense. He was a very positional, strategic player and could play far above his rating at times. He will be missed.

Davis Whaley

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Stephen Dillard
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Matthew,  my friend.  From great days in Berea, through wonderful times in chess, I will miss you.


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