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Ken McDonald
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A lot has been written about a pay scale for TD’s at KCA events. Compensation for tournament organizers has not been part of that discussion. Organizing chess tournaments takes a lot of work. The KCA has a position devoted to this, the Scholastic Coordinator. The Scholastic Coordinator is responsible for organizing and administering the Grade Level tournament, State Individual tournament, and State Team tournament. They assign individuals to run the Quads. They may also be involved in running one or more of the Quads.


I hope KCA members will voice their opinions as to what appropriate pay for organizing a scholastic tournament is. Input from former Scholastic Coordinators as to how much effort was required for each tournament would be very helpful, as well as information on pay received in past years. This pay would be for organizing and running the event, not for processing entries or serving as a TD.


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Allen Priest
Posts: 170

For the events I was doing as SC I was taking $1 per player for the organizer side. For the state team event to coordinate all of the teams, get the entries, get the site and related equipment leased, set up the tournament, get the trophies, handle all of the money, etc usually took me at least 80 hours total.  I would take 3-4 days off work with the rest being nioght and weekends.  That worked out to something like $4-$5 per hour.  For the individual the team requirements were less, but the event was smaller.  I also usually took a full day off work to get the site ready.  So with entries, site issues, trophies, etc that was usually around 20-30 hours for me - but with 100 players or so the hourly rate was not much different.

The Ky Open took less time because there were few or no advance entries, no coaches or parents to have to call, no room blocks to negotiate and no trophies to speak of.   But the event was 2 days with a Friday set up.  When I did that event there was no "organizer fee"  .  Likewise there was no compensation at all for the state closed championships that I did.

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