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With recent events, I find it sad that I must state a few obvious facts, but it seems to have become necessary. I will use a popular Q&A format that was presented to me recently.


Q 1: Am I stalking anyone?

A 1: No. With a wife of 24 years, a son that just started college, and a daughter that is about to get her driver's license, I do not have the time, energy, desire, or need to stalk anyone. I recently participated in the Thursday Magic tournament because Tony Perugini was asking folks on Facebook to help his attendance and I wanted to lend a hand to an organizer that I think does a fantastic job. My Monday at Meijer appearance was because I had just bought a used van in Louisville and I stopped by to say hello to friends.


Q 2: Do you carry a gun to tournaments?

A 2: No. I have and will never bring a weapon to any chess tournament. Anyone that thinks I would, is out of their mind.


Q 3: Are you campaigning for Mitch McConnell?

A 3: No. Anyone that knows me, knows I don't give a crap about politics. My comments back in February about Mitch McConnel were made to try to make an individual understand how stupid he was acting and to make a point that ignorant threats are just that. Ignorant and serve no purpose in a discussion that is trying to reach a compromise. The comment obviously worked, because the individual should now understand how seriously flawed his attempts at litigation and getting people fired has not worked and only served to harm his agenda.


Q 4: Do I want to have sexual relations with any current chess player?

A 4: No. My wife would not allow it anyway.


Q 5: Are you in business with Ryan Velez or Don Lutz?

A 5: No. I have never been in business with either. I have been in business with Billy Woodward on several ventures.


Q 6: Are you participating in Scholastic chess?

A 6: No. I have never liked doing Scholastic chess and have no desire to start. I do hope the UK Chess Club can become more stable and start doing Scholastics, but I will only be there for moral and monetary support. The college students will do 100% of the work and organization.


Q 7: Are you concerned the KCA is full of thieves?

A 7: No. Accusing them of such without all the facts is shameless and wrong. I think they have a thankless job that I am grateful they volunteer to do. They have my support and they are making progress to correct past problems. I will hold them accountable, and I have had conversations with every officer and am confident in their abilities.


Q 8: Will you insure a safe environment at your tournaments?

A 8: Yes. I have submitted ALL correspondence, including my own posts / emails, between myself and all others involved in the recent mess to UK. Specifically, I have spoken with UK Student Org, UK Legal, UK Violence Prevention, and UK Police. They all had the same answer: The UK Chess Club must do whatever is necessary to insure a safe and disturbance free environment while holding activities on campus.


Q 9: Will UK Police be present at your tournaments?

A 9: Yes. The suggestion actually came from another UK organization and the UK Police themselves, that they would be more than happy to patrol the area around our playing location. The UK Police get an automated email for all events and I make a call to verify the patrol times.

-- - Open chess tournament information

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Tony Perugini
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Thanks for coming to the Thursday tournament!! We'd love to have you again! :)


Tony Perugini

Zonetone Middle School Chess Coach

KCA Secretary

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