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Allen Priest
Posts: 170

If you have registered as a voting member of the US Chess federation you should either have just received or will shortly receive your ballot in the mail. 

I've had the privledge to serve on the Executive Board of the USCF for the last 4 years.  I encourage everyone who receives a ballot to vote.

There are 2 positions open in this election and there are 2 listed candidates.  While I encourage oyu to vote to return Randy Bauer to the board, I cannot support the other listed candidate.  Therefore I encourage you to support the active write in candidacy of Boyd Reed. Boyd is originally from Southern Illinois and presently lives in Pittsburg.  He is a National Tournament Director and nearly 2200.  He has served the USCF as a delegate and was the chair of our Website advisory Committee.  I have worked with Boyd and found him dynamic but thoughtful.  I respect him a great deal.

Please write in Boyd Reed USCF ID 12479484 and vote for Randy Bauer.

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Allen Priest
Posts: 170

Randy Bauer was re-elected. Boyd ran a competitive write in campaign but could not overcome not being on the ballot.  He still finished fairly close to the candidate who was on the ballot.

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Ryan Velez
Posts: 272

I think Boyd can make it this time -- he will have a lot more time to prepare. I think his issue was not enough people heard about him. Seemed like a very reasonable guy to me.


KCA Scholastic Coordinator

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