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Excerpt from the Kentucky Chess Zine (KCZ)!!

# Player Plea re Meijer's...
a Meijer's player is pleading w/ me to work something out and not contact the USCF or local media; this person sees that the result will be cancelling chess on Monday nites: either Ryan will cancel chess if he loses w/ the USCF, or Meijer's will cancel chess if they get bad publicity...while I still haven't decided what to do, I'm very close to making a decision...the best arguments are to go to the USCF first, and then if that's not productive, to go to the local media, which will very likely cover the overall controversy because of all the compelling aspects of this story...the player, though, says that chess will end up being cancelled, no matter what (he even thinks Ryan might cancel chess upon my contacting the USCF or local media, regardless of the result)...the player thinks Ryan has been stupid in how he's handled things, and thinks Ryan's ban has been wrong, as well as Ryan's blackmailing and Baker's stalking...but, the player is saying that the end result for players is no chess...listen, folks: I've waited 6 months to press this issue...the simple fact is that Ryan won't work on this issue, but instead uses scorched earth tactics again and again and again- he's way out of line...I've done everything I can to shield the Monday night chess tournament, but it's Ryan who's holding the event hostage, which even this player is acknowledging-cb

Chris Bush
Publisher, Kentucky Chess Zine
(410) 227-9648

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