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alan trimble
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Jerry Baker, Ryan Velez, Larry Bell, Frank Niro, and Allen Priest have acted for the past several years as the absolute cornerstones of Kentucky chess...they have put in hardwork, countless hours, and shown a dogged determination and an absolute refusal to let chess die in Kentucky.  I just wanted to take a moment and thank some people that have worked tirelessly to advance the game of chess and make it what is today in this state.    

These guys don't need me to tell them how great they are...they aren't those kind of folks.  And the vast (overwhelmingly may even say all but one or two...) majority of folks who have shaken hands and gotten the opportunity to talk chess with these guys hold them in the highest regard.  But if you are new to chess in Kentucky, I urge you to make a point to introduce yourself to these guys and come to your own conclusion about them.  Don't take my word for it...and don't take the word of any internet trolls.  

Jerry Baker has carried the torch for Lexington chess for a number of years now and through his excellence (as well as a village of others)...helped develop one of the best high school players to ever come out of the Kentucky Scholastic Chess Program in Taylor Bagley.  Larry Bell has put scholoastic chess in Central Kentucky on his back for a great many of years...long after his own son had graduated and given countless opportunities to kids across the region.  Ryan Velez and Frank Niro have just brought one of the most prestigious tournaments in the nation to Louisville Kentucky this year, and Ryan has started a nationally recognized program to bring USCF memberships to more young players than ever before at a more affordable price than ever thought possible.  Allen Priest has represented Kentucky chess on a national level and helped carry the scholastic banner and keep it afloat as well.  

There are folks out there who know much more than I do about all of the great things these guys have done for Kentucky chess...but I just wanted to take a moment to thank them formally and publically for their incredible service.  There are more opportunities out there for kids to play chess today than ever before...and quality of chess in Kentucky across the board is on a strong uptick.  I support you, all the 39 chess families I represent personally as coach support you, and all of the other coaches I have talked to in the Quad C support you as well.  

I know that a lot of parents and new coaches access this site.  I've coached chess for 11 years now, played myself scholastically almost 25 years ago when many of these cornerstones were driving chess way back then...and now have a daughter of my own playing in the world of scholastic chess these guys have helped create and maintain.  I am incredibly grateful for all that they have given the game in our state.  Take that for whatever its worth, but I would be highly suspicious of anything on this site that is written to the contrary or any list of demands...and urge you to meet these guys in person and make judgements for yourselves.  

This is going to be an amazing year of chess in Kentucky, 

I wish everyone good luck.  

All the best, 

Alan Trimble

Head Chess Coach, Rosa Parks Elementary

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Ryan Velez
Posts: 272

Thank you Alan.

The chess organizers in this state and in southern Indiana are what bridge the community together whether you are a scholastic player, newcomer, or an adult player. Always remember, trolls live under the bridge.



KCA Scholastic Coordinator

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Lutz has Returned
Posts: 256

Thank you Alan for supporting these wonderful people!

Donald Lutz   ( Former KCA President )

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Posts: 233

I'm blown away. You can not begin to understand how appreciative I am for your kind words.

I believe we will look back in a few years and see what a wonderful job you have done and be talking about how you grew chess, starting from a small ice cream shop. Which, for the record, is one of the alltime greatest ideas for a chess site ever!

Thank you.

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