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Ryan Velez
Posts: 272

Emory Tate has passed away for those that did not know. He came to Kentucky many times throughout his life to play in the KY Open and other events. He was always kind and would go over games with people. I remember when I had a game with him and I got a tiny advantage but lost due to a complex tactic. He told me to keep it up and went over the game with me very thoroughly.

Here is a very good article on Emory Tate that is pretty thorough and includes lots of his best games:

--Ryan Velez


KCA Scholastic Coordinator

October 19, 2015 at 2:11 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Dustin Meiners
Posts: 4

By all accounts, Emory Tate was a class act.  After hearing the news Sunday, I found a video on the Kingscrusher channel on Youtube reviewing a particularly notable game between Nick DeFirmian and Emory Tate

It's worth a watch, if you have the time.

October 19, 2015 at 5:03 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Ryan Velez
Posts: 272

Yea I posted another video on my Facebook! He was awesome. I wish he had more luck in his life, I know he led a tough life.


KCA Scholastic Coordinator

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Posts: 233

Emory was one of the best chess players to ever set foot in my house when he joined us many years ago for a night of poker.

Never a good time when a chess player passes. Prayers for his family.

-- - Open chess tournament information

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Eric Funkhouser
Limited Member
Posts: 76

That's a shame about Mr. Tate. Please do not forget his service to this country as well as his ability to marshal the pieces. 

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