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alan trimble
Posts: 66

I just wanted to welcome everyone that was attending and invite anyone who was not to the Rodger Sydney Scholastic Tournament this year.  As anyone who has driven past the intersection of Euclid and Rose can attest, the long-time home for this tournament is no more as the student center has been taken down.  We will be hosting the tournament at Rosa Parks Elementary this year.  There will be concessions.  Chairs with backs in the skittles area are few (seats at elementary school cafeteria tables while hard...are plentiful) so I encourage for the comfort of parents to consider bringing folding chairs to make the day a little more "back friendly".  The good folks at Chess Performance and going to help with logistics and Mr. Larry Bell is going to be TDing.  

Door #4 at Rosa Parks Elementary will be used for entry..along the side of the school where the parking lot is located.  

If anyone has any site related email is

Good luck to everyone who comes and we hope for a great turn out.  

November 13, 2015 at 10:23 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Ryan Velez
Posts: 272

What a great event!! I will be posting up pictures today!! Alan did a fantastic job organizing the logistics for the tournament and we had plenty of help and kids who participated. Around 120 or so I believe!

All the parents were a super big help and Eddie helped in the playing hall a lot! Rico took pictures for everyone to see which will be loaded up later on.

November 15, 2015 at 12:23 PM Flag Quote & Reply

alan trimble
Posts: 66

Thanks so much to Ryan Velez, John Simmons, Miami Fugate, and Larry, Eddie, and Amy who all did such a fantastic job to make Saturday a great day.  Thanks also to everyone who came out to play.  

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