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Ryan Velez
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Meeting began 10:53 AM on 1-10-2016.

Richard was appointed to be the new VP since Ryan Velez was elected to the scholastic coordinator position. Due to the snow and ice, there was low attendence. So, we only approved Richard so as not to lose quorum status and appointed other positions at the end of the meeting.

The board entered an executive session to discuss potential litigation and tax liability.

The Board exited the executive session and ratified the e-mail votes on the conflict of interest policy and changes to the Bylaws.

Velez reported that everything is good ont he scholastic front except for Quad B as the previous site fell through. We are combing the city looking for sites in Louisville and surrounding counties. Current options are to look for a site and put out as many feelers as possible. If we cannot find one soon, Quad B may have to be scheduled on a Sunday to save the event as most sites seem to be available on a Sunday. If anyone has any help, let us know!

Randas Burns decided the KY Open will be either on June 4th - 5th or 11th - 12th. He is looking into site options before settling on a date. He also said the closed will be July 16 - 17 at the Yussman Chess Center and discussed the possibility of having the Adult Closed, the Junior Closed, and the Women's Championship all on the same weekend.

The KCA Board removed the KY Adult Closed qualifier from the Action tournament but left the Junior Qualifier as is. It should be noted this was the most contentious issue discussed.

The KCA Board has left the King of Kings's tournament alone but much discussion was had about it. The board seemed in favor of Velez's idea of replacing the KoK tournament with a City Championship format. Velez's idea was that you can create tournaments to create city champions who then convene and play in a Champion of Cities tournament. The main thing that was liked was that being "The Champion of (insert city)" is a more meaningful accolade than the current system. What was not agreed on, but discussed, was the criteria for what constitutes a "city" and "who" runs these events. Further discussion will likely be had but it seemed that the board agreed it was an idea that would improve the KoK format into something more meaningful.

--Ryan Velez (Took down the minutes in Tony's absence)


KCA Scholastic Coordinator

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