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Allen Priest
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If you registered as a voting member of the US Chess Federation then you should have received - or will shortly receive - your ballot for the Executive Board election.

There are 2 open positions on the EB this year.  We have 2 registered candidates.  One is Mikle Hoffpauier from Virginia.  Mike is a National Tournament Director, active in the US Chess Schoasltic Council and has been a delegate for a number of years.  Mike has been instrumental in securing funding for the college Final four of chess and has directed that event a number of times.  HE will be a great addition to the EB.

the other candidate is Chuck Unruh of Oklahoma.  Chuck is a leader in the Oklahoma Chess Association and has served ont he eB before.  HE is one of the co-chairs of the Life Memebr Assets Trustees and has been invlved in US Chess financial managmetn during my time on the EB.  HE has been a big help in getting the US Chess finances under control.

These are two good candidates.  I know there are only 2 candidates for 2 positions, but please vote for both.  These two will help this board continue in the steady path we have been on for the last 5-7 years as we work to make the Federation "work" for its members. 

Also, note that you can see US Chess financial reports in the givernance section fo the web site, and if you sign up for the memerbs forum you can get access to the monthly analysis I have been doing.  The short report is that US Chess was on the brink after the Polgar lawsuits and such in the late 2000's.  Now we have almost 4 months fo expenses in the bank in reserve and are coming off of two really good financial years.  We are investing more in the operations with updates to the web site and improvements in much of the organization infrastructure that is hard to see but that makes sure w can delvier the services our memerbs want.

Feel free to ask me any questions about US Chess and I will try to answer them.

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