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Lexington Chess Tournament - July 9


When: 2nd Saturday of the month, registration starts at 11:30am


Where: Univ of Kentucky, Dickey Hall #325, (304 Scott St)


Time Control: 3 rounds, G/45;d5


Start Times: Approx.~(12:00) - 2:15 - 4:00


Entry Fee: $20 or FREE - yes, FREE.


Pairings are the same whether you pay or play for FREE.

All games are still USCF rated as normal.

Those paying are eligible for Prizes depending on who else in your section also pays. If you are the only one in your section to pay, then you win your $20 back.

On average, about 1/2 the players play for FREE.


Prizes: 100% of entry fees. FREE entries get paired exactly like everyone else, but they are not eligible for money prizes.


Sections: Open, Quads, Multi-sections, it all depends on the rating spread of all the players. We try to be as fair as possible and will accommodate requests of playing 'up' and trying to avoid pairing friends and family if possible.


Membership: USCF membership required. All games are USCF rated.


Other: Rated Speed Chess event starts at 6pm. $5 or FREE entry, 100% of entry fees go toward prizes.


Super-easy, FREE parking all around Dickey Hall, 304 Scott St, Lexington Ky 40508

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