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Ajdin Dropic
Posts: 5

I am the coach of Villa Madonna chess team, and we are still reasonably new to the scholastic chess scene in KY. We had some success this year, so we are all excited for the kids, but my reason for posting is to express how we all felt about the level of discourse and some specific people involved with other teams and the organization of KY Scholastic chess.

I've been involved with number of different youth sports and activities, both as a father/spectator and a coach/volunteer, and I have never experienced better behavior, graciousness, and the overall phenomenal attitudes of the people associated with KY chess.

 Alan Trimble, Rosa Parks coach, could be literally, the nicest person I've met in all the previously mentioned endeavors. His friendliness, welcoming attitude in the events hosted by Rosa, incredible sportsmanship (he addressed an incorrect score being recorded, even though the error was in his favor, even before we realized it!!) and his genuine kindness shown to me and our kids, is unprecedented. There are no words that could reflect how grateful I, and my parents, are about his demeanor and attitude. What an amazing man and what a pleasure it has been to associate with him!

Another person that I feel deserves recognition is Brian Marshall from Lexington Latin. His son is an incredible talent and a great young chess player, and while our boys played each other many times, his genuine attitude in both victory and defeat has helped my kids develop more confidence and more excitement about the game. To illustrate this, we have a young girl on a team that while talented, struggles a bit with confidence and emotions, especially when playing better opponents. Brian's son always takes time after the game to encourages her and even to help point out where mistakes came and how to improve it. Now she actually looks forward to playing him! What a great kid and what a father!!!

Ryan Velez and his staff have made this season be an absolute joy, from efficient organization, online registration, real time online pairings, to generally being accessible and approachable. Thanks so very much, and you have a lifelong fan in me and my group of kids.

I know that this is long, and maybe not a right forum for this, but I felt like this group of folks deserve significant recognition, and with all the argumentative and negative things all our social media posts are filled with, great people should be mentioned.



Ajdin Dropic

March 20, 2017 at 1:49 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Eric Yussman
Posts: 12

This is the right forum, and such a post should be long. No apologies necessary for being positive and nice. Thank you for sharing!

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alan trimble
Posts: 67

Thanks for the kind words and congrats Mr. Dropic on a huge season!!! K-1 and K-3 state champs is an incredible accomplishment.  You and your kids always carry yourselves with a lot class and I am so happy you all are competing in competive chess.  I second the appreciation for Brian Marshall...he's a great advocate for the game.  Also...keep that young lady playing chess!!!  She went 3-0 against my kids from Rosa Parks in the K-1 championship and you all beat us by three points.  Her round three win was devastating to our chances, and I was so proud of how well she played.  We need more strong, tough young ladies like her playing the game.  

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