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alan trimble
Posts: 67

It is incredibly exciting to see the growth and success of the Kentucky State Team Tournament and the interest level that is picking up across the state for the game.  Every year the level of play and enthusiasm seem to be elebating.  I think a well defined process for moving forward financially with the resources generated by the State Team Scholastic Tournament in ways where the money goes to growing chess in our schools should be a primary focus. 

Let me preface this post with the nuance that it is a proposal, not a complaint...and that all intentions (forseen and unintended) are made in the spirit of growing and improving scholastic chess in Kentucky with the goal of growing chess across the state.

Proposal for changes to how finances from the Kentucky State Team Scholastic Tournament are distributed

I would like to propose to move away from awarding high end stipends to support 3 individuals going to the Denker, Barber, and the National Girl's Invitational and see that money spread out more evenly across mulitiple champions and the quads to promote chess in schools and communities, particularly in our high schools and middle schools.  I can speak with certainty for Quad that we are losing a lot of quality players from the elementary years as the players grow into the middle school and high school ages.  Perhaps more alarmingly for the quality of chess in Kentucky long term is that the same growth in player performance that we are seeing in the elementary years is stalling out in the middle and high school years (ie...even a lot of our middle school and high school players that do play are not making the same push to get better).  

With the addition of K-1 to the state steam Event, and it's current rate of growth, 450 paticipants in 2018 seems reasonable and 475-500 participants does not seem out of the question.  At $25 per head, we are looking at potentially generating over $11000 in this event next year.  This is a unique opportunity in time to invest in our scholastic chess program to help it grow.  I think if this plan is rejected, which is entirely possible (or perhaps reasonable), at minimum there needs to be a discussion on how the money from state team is being used and how it could better serve growing chess in our schools and communities.  

Proposed Budget for 2017 Kentucky State Team Tournament

As the money comes in:

1st $1000 goes toward securing site/renting equipment

Next$1500 goes toward trophies

Next $1500 goes toward organizers/Td's/ratings expenses

40% of the gross over $4000 goes to high school winners of the state individual tournament (scholarships for 1st through 5th perhaps)

Example:  Let's say next year show no growth and has 400 kids at $25 per kid grossing $10000.

High School is allotted 40% of the gross over the set $4000 (in this case $6000*.4=$2400)

At the State Individual Championship... 1st place is awarded $1200 (50% of available funds)

2nd place is awarded $600 (25% of available funds)

3rd place is awarded $300 (12.5% of available funds)

4th place is awarded $180 (7.5% of available funds)

5th place is awarded $120 (5% of available funds)

40% of amount of gross over $4000 (same break down as HS) is allotted to the Middle School Championship

20% of the gross over $4000 (in this scenario $1200 is split evenly between the quads.  The first priority for that money will be to help any quad run it's tournament ($300 can be the difference between profitable and not profitable if numbers are not strong).  In the event that the quad is self sufficient and self supporting financially, the money can go to a scholarship for the top finishing High School player at the Quad Tournament.  

Upsides of this approach:  

There is a strong incentive for middle school and high school players not just to keep playing chess, but to keep improving and pushing forward with chess.  

It gives a clear transition to middle school and high school chess from elementary chess

More players from across the state can benefit from the growing financial success of the state team tournament

There is a clear path in this model to shift money to a larger site (University setting perhaps) if the tournament grows and a high school is no longer deemed an ideal setting for the tournament (simply make the site allotment in the funding formula $2000 instead of $1000...something that could be voted on at the state team scholastic meeting).  

The cost of the state individual championship is reduced (no trophies needed for middle school and high school for 1st through 5th places and certificates of achievement for 6th thru 10th places).  A 40% reduction in trophy costs could very much help the bottom line and make the event consistently profitable to the KCA.

Quads could get some help covering costs of tournaments and potentially offer meaningful regional scholarships to quad champions to boost attendance.    

Ideally, the competition level of chess across the state would be elevated.  

Mostly, it's going to get kids excited about playing chess in a world where they literally have hundreds of options for how to spend extra curricular time.  Players that are excited about chess and have done it their whole lives are going to be more likely to continue playing chess as adults, in time boosting the adult chess playing community. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this...hopefully it can be formally proposed at the KCA meeting at the Kentucky Open and I'm hoping for some good discussion on here before hand so that the best proposal possible can be put forward.  

Take care,

Alan Trimble

Quad C Coordinator 

April 25, 2017 at 2:39 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Miami Fugatte
Posts: 48

You have some interesting ideas. The process does not really work the way you are proposing things. The "budget" for the team does not exist so to speak. All of the profit from the event goes back to the KCA which decides how to spend the funds. Much of this money funds other tournaments and scholastic events such as the Denker.

If you have an interest in how the money is spent, you should see the budget for the last couple of years and petition the Board to direct their spending differently. Also, check and see the actual income from the event, which is considerably lower than the numbers you are giving.


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alan trimble
Posts: 67
Thanks so much for the response Miami. Let me reiterate that this is in no way a complaint. Obviously this year where all entries were $20 at 400 kids it's a smaller pie. I would guess by the time the stipends were awarded and set expenses paid and losses From quads and state individual covered there was little if any money left over this year. Looking at how this tournament is growing though and looking at the entry fee being $25 next year, I think there is a reasonable chance that state team is going to be profitable in the near future. Let me state in no uncertain terms I think the entry fee increase is necessary and essential in generating resources to invest in chess. Where I'm coming from is two places... I feel a real concern that we are losing players as they age up, and that players are losing enthusiasm as they age up. I can only speak for Lexington, but that is what I am seeing. I feel that the quads, state individual, state team tournament series is about to turn profitable. I think having a budget or a well defined plan for how to invest that profit into the kids would be good. I guess I'm not a fan of the three stipend approach and was looking for a plan that could have broader reach. My proposal was trying to address these two areas of concern before they become issues. If it's not a feasible plan and I'm looking at this wrong, would it be possible/reasonable for the kca to put forward a budget/plan for potential future profits. I would love to hear from middle school/high school players and coaches what kind of investments could help. In summary...we need to light a fire under middle school/high school chess. Because scholastic is growing so well, we look to be close to having some funds to do this. Closing thought...I very much hope that 100% of future profits made from the scholastic series of tournaments can be invested into the kids of scholastic chess.
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