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After the conclusion of the Ky Open this past weekend, the six participants for the Kentucky Closed have been determined. Numbers were drawn and pairings will be made using the chart on page 317 of the USCF rulebook. While all six players have been determined for the adult closed, the junior closed is only half-filled at the moment. I'll post those pairings later. Here are details for the closed events and then the pairings for the adults.

Adult Closed/Jr. Closed

July 8-9, 5rds G90 d5, Rds 1-3 Sat 10-2-5:30, Rds 4-5 Sun 10-2

Yussman Chess Center, Miraflores Center, 173 Sears Avenue, Suite 079

Players will receive a $50 stipend after the conclusion of their fifth round.

In the event of a tie in the adult closed there will be a best of three blitz playoff for the trophy and a spot in the 2018 Closed Championship.

Adult player pairing numbers

1 - Mike Thomas

2 - Miami Fugatte

3 - Johnny Marcsik

4 - Davis Whaley

5 - Michael Johnson

6 - Scot Morison

Here are the pairings for the adult closed as of today:


Johnny Marcsik - Scot Morison

Michael Johnson - Davis Whaley

Mike Thomas - Miami Fugatte


Miami Fugatte - Scot Morison

Davis Whaley - Mike Thomas

Johnny Marcsik - Michael Johnson


Scot Morison - Michael Johnson

Mike Thomas - Johnny Marcsik

Davis Whaley - Miami Fugatte


Scot Morison - Davis Whaley

Michael Johnson - Mike Thomas

Miami Fugatte - Johnny Marcsik


Mike Thomas - Scot Morison

Miami Fugatte - Michael Johnson

Johnny Marcsik - Davis Whaley


Randas Burns

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Here are the pairings for the Jr. Closed. I had trouble getting the sixth spot but I had a player volunteer that was in the Kentucky Open. We will have six players. I did a random draw to determine pairing numbers. Here they are:

#1 Garrett Wright

#2 Liam Chesemore

#3 Michael Harris

#4 Brian Wright

#5 Alex Graham

#6 Nathan Hening

Rd 1

Harris - Hennig

Graham - B. Wright

G. Wright - Chesemore

Rd 2

Chesemore - Hennig

B. Wright - G. Wright

Harris - Graham

Rd 3

Hennig - Graham

G. Wright - Harris

B. Wright - Chesemore

Rd 4

Hennig - B. Wright

Graham - G. Wright

Chesemore - Harris

Rd 5

G. Wright - Hennig

Chesemore - Graham

Harris - B. Wright 


Randas Burns

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Jim Wright
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Do you know what the times are for the rounds yet?  Thanks!

Jim Wright


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After three rounds of the Ky Closed and Jr. Closed Championships, here are the standings going into round 4:

Adult Closed

Davis Whaley      3

Johnny Marcsik    2

Mike Thomas      1.5

Michael Johnson   1

Miami Fugatte       1

Scot Morison       0

Jr. Closed

Michael Harris     3

Brian Wright        2

Liam Chesemore  2

Nathan Hennig      1

Alex Graham        1

Garrett Wright       0

Should be an exciting finish tomorrow as the top two boards in the Adult Closed will play in the last round and two of the three leaders in the junior closed play in round 4. Good luck everyone!!!!


Randas Burns

KCA President

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