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Ryan Velez
Posts: 211

I have done the following updates:

1 - Cleaned up Tournaments page
2 - All submitted tournaments that have been submitted through e-mail are posted
3 - Transferred the Bylaws from the old website to the this one and posted them under "Governance"
4 - The "Officers Tab" was converted to "Governance" for organizational purposes
5 - The "Tournaments" pages has been changed to "Events Calendar."

Updates that will ensue in the next half of the month

1 - I will create a place for Allen Priest to update the community about Scholastic Events (Completed)
2 - I will color code tournaments: Green for Scholastics, Blue for Open (Completed)
3 - All KCA events are to be posted first regardless of dates  (Completed)
4 - All tournaments will be listed according to date. If 2 submitted events have the same dates then I will post them in the order they were submitted !! (Completed)
5 - We will be merging the "Clubs" tab into the "Events Calendar" tab (Will have to complete this in October)
6 - In addition to the events calendar pages (which has the traditional view of tournaments in list format with all details) we will also be re-vamping the actual calendar view under the "Calendar" tab. There have been an equal request for both the traditional view and the calendar view so we'll do both. (October as well)

7 - As soon as Hank or Emir contacts me via e-mail or phone number I will get the KSCC events posted too. Ron Lipman has informed me that they want me to post them but I do not have any information other than dates. I don't know when the events begin, prizes, sections, entry fee, etc... (Completed)

If anyone has any questions please call or e-mail me. If you are displeased with something or wish to make a suggestion please let me know. 502-240-9325 or

--Ryan Velez, Webmaster


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