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Stephen Dillard
Posts: 210

This is a name that has been around Kentucky Chess for years.  Joe because of his dedication to a family member who needs him close is almost never seen in events outside of the Etown-Radcliff area.   But playing exclusively in this quality area of chess, Joe has attained an expert rating.  He has had to work hard because there are many strong players in the area who's ratings do not reflect their true power.  Gelvic Cubar is a star on the rise.  Gerald Weldin has a very dangerous game.  Johnny Owen stalks the area.  All are expert killers, and I know that there are more.  So Joe perservered.  He worked at his game.  And now he stands above 2000.

It has probably been 20 plus years since I actually saw Joe.  I remember a true gentleman.  I always hear about him as the playground legend in Elizabethtown.  Now the legend has teeth that all can see. 

You might have to travel to Elizabethtown to play Joe, but it is worth the trip.  Congratulations!  On to Master.

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