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Ryan Velez
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I have done this post last year and I will do it again today.

I sometimes hear complaints about the website and its organization. I am all for redoing some things here and there but I would like to have people post suggestions and such. When making suggestions, keep in mind that I am not a technical-skilled webmaster. My platform for running for this position was "No one else is doing it and I have rudimentry skills that will get the job done." If someone who is more competant runs against me I will not run against them. If no one else steps up, I will do it again.

Also, this is a volunteer position. I only spend so much time per day on the site.

Anyway, complaints I have heard through the grapevine are as follows:

1 -- People want to be able to post more tournament information.
2 -- People want events to be listed in a giant list format instead of month by month.

One of the issues with #1 is that some people post way too much information. Therefore, if person A submits 3 lines of text with a registration form and person B submits 80 lines of information is this reasonable? And yes, it happens all the time so if enough people agree to this format then I will try it.

The other problem with #1 is that cutting and pasting is not as simple as it sounds. When I transmit things from e-mail to the website via cut and paste, most of my time is put into reformatting it and editing it so that it doesn't look jumbled. This is especially problematic when people have pictures on their fliers or have created box formats that I have to reproduce manually.

There really is not a problem with #2. It just seems less organized to me. But, I'd like to see what people have to say!



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