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Posts: 233 is being updated again.  

Minor user error in my calendar updating through the new year.  All fixed now though.

If you want an account to enter your own tournaments, then let me know.  Frank Walls in Winchester has been using this feature for a long time.

Recurring events can be added easily also.

Glad to post any tournament that is OPEN (allows adults).  Will post Scholastic Tournament only if an Adult section is included.

-- - Open chess tournament information

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Posts: 233

Could Dillard or someone familiar with this Monday and Thursday tournaments verify the information on is correct?


-- - Open chess tournament information

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Stephen Dillard
Posts: 210

First, Thanks for keeping up the Lexchess Site.  It has helped to attract several player to my events.  I have been unable to secure a FIDE rateable section and do not offer than on Thursdays.  The slower chess is available whenever at least 4 players come that would like to play at a game/60,d5 rate of play.  

I would advise calling ahead on Thursdays.  We sometimes do not have enough players to make an event.

I am working on a new site in the downtown area off broadway for a new weekly event.  It is also very good for weekend swisses, but costs a little for that.  So hopefully announcements will be soon forthcoming.

Great site Jerry, thanks for posting my events.


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