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Tony Niemann
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Kentucky Player’s Report at the Bill Wright Open

April 14-15, 2012 St.Louis, MS

“Muncy Brings Back Missouri Points for Distribution to Kentucky Players”

(Story and Stats compiled by Tony Niemann)

43 entries in the under 2000 section

8th place RODNEY WRIGHT |3.5 |W 30|L 11|H |W 31|W 20|

R: 1789 ->1792


16th place BENEDICT DAVID MUNCY |3.0 |W 40|W 7|L 10|W 19|L 3|

R: 1627 ->1683

28th place TONY NIEMANN |2.0 |L 3|W 43|L 7|W 33|L 13|

R: 1459 ->1457

Round 1

Wright (1) won against 30th seeded 9 year-old Torin Hylan (1325) and Muncy (1) won against 40th seeded 7 year-old Iris Yi-Xian Zhou (1064). Meanwhile, Niemann (0) played at the “big house” against Jeffery J Kovalic (1916) with the more legitimate contenders in the room next to the GMs and IMs. Niemann lost to Kovalic while Muncy and Wright had tough games against the two children they played. Muncy offered two reasons for his tough game: “She reminds me of my granddaughter. Besides we were looking at endgame before the tournament and that always ruins my game”. Poor little Iris lost her first four games and drew a bye in the final round. Wright’s opponent at 3’2” was much taller than little Iris and was rated 271 points higher than Muncy’s first opponent. Little Iris had to kneel on the taller green chairs to see the board while Torin could see the board without doing this, although his feet could not reach the ground. I knew it was touch and go in Muncy’s game because when I went into the next room to check on Wright and Muncy’s games I noticed that Muncy’s head was red as a beet, indicating that he was under intense pressure.

Round 2

Wright (1)lost to James Larkin Smith (1956), Muncy (2) had an impressive win over Steven D. Bange (1849), and Niemann (1) beat David Whitehead (1013), as expected.

Round 3

Wright (1.5) took a bye in round three, opting to watch games, pretty girls walking up and down outside the playing site, and drink a few beers. Meanwhile, Muncy (2) lost a hard fought battle against David Tianjian Peng (1995) while Niemann (1) lost a squeaker to Muncy’s opponent from the previous round – Steven D Bange (1849). After this round, Wright and Muncy had about six more beers out on the walkway while they watched the pretty girls. Niemann, worried about angry boyfriends and early Mass at the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis the next morning, opted to return to the hotel after an hour or so.

Round 4

Wright (2.5) received another lucky pairing against Gabriel A Ferns (1232), while Muncy (3) was paired against James Oslica (1838). Niemann (2) got another expected win against Spencer Finegold’s student, Michael Buckley (1132).

Round 5

Wright (3.5) won over Nathan Tu Phan (1605), Muncy (3) lost to Niemann’s round 1 opponent – Jeffery J Kovalic (1916), and Niemann (2) lost to Albert Damont Howlett (1867).


1. Niemann played seasoned veterans, unlike his two traveling companions who each played two or more children.

2. Wright commented that this was his luckiest tournament he ever played in, considering the positions he had in several of his games.

3. Muncy gained 56 points, Wright gained 3 points, and Niemann lost two points in this tournament. This gave a net gain of 57 Missouri points for possible distribution to Kentucky players in future tournaments.

4. Muncy’s average opponent was rated 1732          (150 points above his rating)

5. Niemann’s average opponent was rated 1555     (96 points above his rating)

6. Wright’s average opponent was rated 1530           (259 points lower than his rating) (no comment)


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