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Stephen Dillard
Posts: 210

Qualifiers for the Junior Closed

1 Om Kanmadikar

2. Gilman Bagga

3. Matthew Mc Donald

4. Spencer Kriss

5. Chad Leonard

6. Taylor Bagley

Alternates 1. Brian Wright, 2. Tod Head, 3. Jonah Donze

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Ken McDonald
Posts: 88

Thanks for posting this, Steve. Would a KCA officer mind posting the date and location of the Junior Closed? We can then start confirming who is available.

June 9, 2013 at 8:22 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 114

The date is tentatively July 20th as set by Daniel. The location is yet to be determined. I suppose it will be in Louisville since 4 of the 6 participants are in Louisville. But lets figure out who can play first before determining that.


In the future I'm going to suggest running the events together. When I played in my first adult closed in 2009 the junior closed was run alongside it and it worked out pretty well. You can cut down on one weekend and you only need an extra six chairs and three tables.

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Does anybody have contact info for Chad Leonard or his parents?

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Posts: 114

2013 Kentucky Junior Closed   July 13-14  Expansive Art showroom 125 E Reynolds Rd, Suite 115 Lexington, Ky

Rds 1-3 July 13 10-2-5:30 Rds 4-5 July 14 10-2 This event will be run alongside the adult closed.


Once all participants are confirmed pairings will be posted.

June 19, 2013 at 4:40 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 114

All the junior members have finally confirmed. Spencer Kriss and Chad Leonard were not able to participate so Brian Wright and Tod Head will take their places respectively.

Here are the seeds for each player:


1. Om Kanmidikar

2. Gilman Bagga

3. Matthew McDonald

4. Brian Wright ( taking Spencer Kriss's seed)

5. Tod Head ( taking Chad Leonard's seed)

6. Taylor Bagley


Here are the pairings. Anyone curious as to the way these pairings come out can check p. 295 of the USCF Official Rules of Chess.




Matthew - Taylor

Tod - Brian

Om - Gilman




Gilman - Taylor

Brian - Om

Matthew - Tod




Taylor - Tod

Om - Matthew

Brian - Gilman




Taylor - Brian

Tod - Om

Gilman - Matthew




Om - Taylor

Gilman - Tod

Matthew - Brian


Like mentioned in emails and previous posts here, the Junior Closed will be run alongside the Adult Closed. Round times are as follows: July 13 Rds 1-3 10-2-5:30 and July 14 Rds 4-5 10-2. It will be at the Expansive Art Studio which is at 125 Reynolds Rd Lexington Ky. Good luck to all and I will see you there.

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The Matthew - Brian match will take place at the Meijers on Monday July 8th at 6:30. That way Brian will be able to make his swim meet on Sunday at 3. So in the final round of the Junior Closed there will be two games instead of three.

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