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Miami Fugatte
Posts: 48

Randas, please call a meeting of the Board so we can adopt the Lutz plan. I was in attendance at the meeting and yes, the idea was to LOWER the membership cost to players. We took it fro 8 to 5 to make it easier on organizers.

To put things in proper terms for everyone, the KCA membership has been at $8 since I can remember (the early 90's) and probably before that. If the membership had kept up with inflation, it would probably be like $20 now (I didn't bother to look up the stats here). The $5 Lutz plan should bring in new members. I honestly can't think of how many paid Sr or Jr members that we have. President Burns, During your terms as Secretary, how many Jr or Sr members did you sign up for the KCA. Does anyone feel that an extra dollar would have upset, or caused ANY of the JR or Sr members we signed up to have not joined or participated in any KCA event?


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