Kentucky Chess Association
                         USCF Affiliate

The USChess state affiliate for all of Kentucky.

Use the calendar below to see upcoming tournaments, or to see results from past tournaments. Scholastic Events appear in blue and Adult/Open Events appear in green. Use the button control on the top right of the calendar to change which event categories display.

Please note that for click-able links, such as for an event flyer or registration form, you need to click on 'more details' on the item entry. This is currently a known problem/inconvenience with the Google calendar system that we use that we hope and expect will be improved soon.

For scholastic events, download the 2018 Blue Book (newly updated version March 2018).

If you would like to open the our calendar in full display you may click here - KCA Google Calendar  - Scholastic - Adult

Clubs and Webmasters: You can display this calendar of tournaments on your own website or blog with real-time updates. Contact the webmaster for details.

Tournament Directors: Submit tournament information to the webmaster.  Or, do you want to enter your own tournaments directly to the calendar? You can do that! Contact the webmaster for details. Send the webmaster your list of winners, prizes, and trophies after the tournament and we'll post those results. Post pictures or videos of your tournament directly on this website.